The VTN is introducing a number of special COVID-19 programs for Veterans across Canada.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on Veterans across Canada. Many have been left alone and isolated during these challenging times.

We know our support is important now and we will deliver it with plenty of safety precautions in place.

This is why our programs take place in private locations, co-led by graduates who are Veterans themselves. In addition, all of our clinicians, paraprofessionals, and program participants will practise safe social distancing protocols with the right personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Facilitated by psychologists & counsellors who have received specialized training from us in military issues, our charitable programs are backed by university research and 22 years of experience.

The VTN is offering 3 programs for Veterans across Canada: 

Transition Skills Course

  • 5 days, in-person, retreat-based workshop
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • Learn skills to assist in transition and the challenges of COVID-19 including:
  1. Communicating with family
  2. Emotional regulation
  3. Trauma education + symptom management
  4. Goal setting
  5. Online follow-up
Tiered Peer-Support Program

  • Sponsored and co-developed with the Centre of Excellence on PTSD
  • Veteran-to-veteran peer-support
  • Service provided via phone, or secure video-chat
  • Training and coaching for peer-supporters led by VTN Clinicians
  • Referrals to counsellors as required
Skills Course (Online) – In Development

  • Transition Skills Course content adapted to online delivery
  • 2 x 4 half-day blocks (5 hours/day) – total of 40 hours
  • Delivered via secure video-conferencing


Any Canadian Forces or RCMP Veteran can attend our programs, regardless of trade, branch, gender, or where they were stationed. For more info on RCMP attendance, click here.


Participants in the Transition Skills Course must be able to commit to the full program (5 consecutive days) and are asked to refrain from alcohol and non-prescription narcotics usage during the duration of the program.


All fees (inc. travel, room and board) are covered by donations. We can also submit claims on behalf of VAC clients to have their expenses covered by Veterans Affairs.

What We Hope To Help You With
Men in group therapy
We run small, private groups of 5-6 Vets at a time where you can speak with the assurances of confidentiality, being respected & understood.

Our courses are delivered by specially trained psychologist and counsellors, working together with Paraprofessionals; Veterans who have graduated from previous programs.

Army soldier communicating
The directness of military language often doesn’t translate well to the civilian world, whether at home or at work.

We cover how to bridge this gap in communication: building the skills to improve the relationships important to you and to be understood the way that you want to be.

female airforce member working maintenance
The effects of operational stress can impact our lives long after leaving the service, sometimes to the extent that life can’t be enjoyed or lived the way we want.

Our course explains why this occurs and how to begin regulating again. By the end you’ll leave knowing how to access resources to continue improving, whether those are peer or professional.

Young man working with saw
Future Planning
Many aspects of ‘getting out’ can pose challenges you weren’t expecting: your differences in responsibility, day-to-day routine, financial situation to name a few.

Over the course of the program we will explore in depth what made your service rewarding, and build concrete plans to find that personal meaning again.

Future VTP Programs

The physical closeness of therapeutic enactments and the 3 instances of travel involved in the VTP create significant COVID-19 risk. This, combined with the fact that there will likely be a second wave of the pandemic, make it unwise for us to run multi-phase programs or enactments in 2020. Unfortunately, this all means that we will not run our regular 10-day Veterans Transition Programs until 2021 at the earliest.

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