Thank You

Thank you to everyone who supported the Veterans Transition Network in the long effort to help evacuate Afghan interpreters and locally employed civilians who assisted Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

Donations are now closed for the Afghan Interpreters campaign.

We made the difficult decision to stop accepting donations for the Afghan Interpreters campaign as of May 2, 2022. What started as a 30-day fundraising campaign in August 2021 transformed into a 9-month mission. Donations were used for emergency safe houses, evacuations and migration support for Afghans at risk of reprisals for working with Canadians.

Although we are beginning to wind down the Afghan campaign, VTN will continue to offer migration, advocacy and movement support for our Afghan allies in the months to come with the remaining funds.

VTN’s work featured on CBC’s The Fifth Estate:

It has become clear over these long, frustrating months that our emergency evacuation effort has now become a long-term migration effort. Those we evacuate now may wait in third countries for months for various approvals and processing before moving on to Canada. This mission now requires the expertise of organizations specialized in humanitarian and migration assistance. Click here for a list of groups providing emergency aid to those in Afghanistan.

Over the coming months, we will return our full focus to our deep commitment to provide mental health and transition programs for Canada’s veterans. The recent crisis in Afghanistan has weighed heavy on the hearts of veterans across Canada. The VTN has programs running across Canada to support any veterans affected by what has happened in Afghanistan. Please check our schedule for a program near you.

A note about Canada’s Afghan Veterans: Over 40,000 Canadian soldiers served in Afghanistan and 158 never came home. This campaign honoured their deep commitments to help the interpreters who helped them, and the Afghan interpreters and civilians who also died in service to Canada. As we draw this campaign to a close, we mark the service and sacrifice of all our fallen and the donors who facilitated a public discussion over our role, responsibilities and remembrance of commitments made in conflict whether in Afghanistan or conflicts yet to come. Lest we forget.

If you wish to donate to VTN’s group counselling programs for veterans, please know we are grateful for your support. Please note: all donations made to VTN now will support our veterans’ programs.

To the 3813 donors who supported VTN’s Afghan interpreters mission: On the behalf of the many Afghans you’ve helped, thank you for providing a safe passage and precious hope for a better future. And thank you to all the veterans, journalists, bloggers, influencers and speakers who contributed to the national conversation about the debt we owe interpreters and civilians who work alongside our Canadian Armed Forces, whether in Afghanistan or conflicts yet to come. Although VTN will wind down Afghan campaign donations through our charity, we will continue to work with you to keep this national conscience conversation going.

Our deepest gratitude,

VTN President Cpl (Ret’d) Tim Laidler
VTN Executive Director Oliver Thorne

Even on a mountain, there is still a road.
– Afghan proverb found in Dari, Pashai and Pashto languages. 

So many Afghans were helped, thanks to you.
To date, and we’re not finished yet:

Sheltered in

Evacuated to

Assisted with paperwork