Emergency Support for Afghan Interpreters

VTN is accepting donations to facilitate evacuations for Afghan interpreters who served Canada’s mission.

To Donate Online to Support Afghan Interpreters: Click Here

To Donate Via Cheque:
Please make cheques payable to:
Veterans Transition Network
#622 – 470 Granville
Vancouver, BC | V6C 1V5

Include “Afghan Interpreters” in the memo line
Tax receipts will be mailed within 3-4 weeks of receipt.

Other forms of Donation:

We can also accept wire transfers or securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. By donating these directly, there is no capital gains tax (so don’t convert to cash prior to donation). Please contact donations@vtncanada.org to arrange. 

*Please note: VTN unfortunately cannot issue tax receipts for donations from US citizens, unless they have reported Canadian income with the Canadian Government. 

Kind donor,

In early August, VTN joined a veteran-led effort to support the care and evacuation of vulnerable Afghans and their families. These Afghan interpreters and civilians served the Canadian Armed Forces during Canada’s long mission (2001-2014) and saved countless Canadian lives. Our goal was to save them from Taliban revenge killings and other reprisals simply for helping Canada, and evacuate them to safety.

To date, the generosity of our donors have helped rescue 1892 Afghans and words can’t express their gratitude, on their behalf thank you so very much.

To find out more about our evacuations (featured on CBC’s The Fifth Estate):

The Veterans Transition Network joined this group to act as the fundraising and financial arm to support these efforts. Our initial intent was to raise funds during the month of August to support the accommodations, food and security of Afghans awaiting government evacuation at the end of the month.

After Kabul fell to the Taliban and the airport closed, many eligible Afghans were left behind and desperately in need of life-support, advocacy and evacuation. We were resolved to continue to rescue the men, women and children at grave risk for helping Canada. VTN and other advocacy groups continue to fundraise for their evacuations and protection.

Safe houses now closed: Thanks to generous donations, this campaign was able to fund a safe house network in Kabul in 2021. At peak capacity, we had roughly 1700 beds that provided life-saving refuge to individuals and families who remain so grateful for the safe shelter. The bureaucratic delays and slow evacuations meant longer stays and these safe houses became too expensive, as donations are now strategically needed for urgent evacuations. We tried to secure federal funding, but none was forthcoming. Thanks to the incredible efforts of our partners on the ground, dozens of these vulnerable people are now relocated to staging accommodation awaiting evacuation.

We continue to work against time to support the evacuation of men, women and children who remain in peril. Our partner organizations remain in continued contact with hundreds of eligible Afghan families who have paperwork in hand, ready to make the dangerous journey out of Afghanistan and towards a new life in Canada.

Your donation will help perform the rescues. We will continue to put your generous donations to work to provide security, ground logistics, transportation, evacuation services and immigration assistance. When all Afghans possible are evacuated, any donations left over will go to resettlement initiatives.

VTN will also continue to research and advocate the viability of other evacuation options for increased impact, including air routes to “lily-pad” countries where evacuees can complete their biometric processing before travelling to Canada. And we will continue to negotiate hard with governments to facilitate urgent evacuations and ease bureaucratic barriers.

Thank you for joining this unprecedented mission. Together, we will rescue those who saved so many of our soldiers, journalists, and humanitarian workers. We will help those who helped Canada.

On behalf of the volunteer veterans, journalists and NGOs working to evacuate Afghan civilians,

Respectfully yours,
Cpl (Ret) Tim Laidler
President, VTN Board of Directors

Oliver Thorne
VTN Executive Director