VTN’s National Peer Support Team

Onboarding Form

Veterans Helping Veterans Across Canada

The information requested in this questionnaire will only be used internally and will be kept in strict confidence.
It will be used to develop a picture of how you wish to contribute to the VTN, how VTN can support you as you continue on your own journey, and critical information that will ensure that this relationship maintains the safety and integrity of both yourself and the VTN. 

By filling out this questionnaire, you are essentially starting your VTN portfolio which will be kept by the National Manager, Veteran’s Para Support (NMVPS) and maintained as you continue on your journey for as long as you wish to be a part of the VTN family. You will be contacted by the NMVPS twice a year for updating purposes.

This will be added by the NMVPS every time you take on a role with VTN, conduct training, or even advance in your own life, such as moving or attending other training. 

This is essentially a tool to ensure we are supporting you and your wellbeing, while also finding opportunities that meet your needs, compliment your skills and help you as you continue to thrive in your journey. 

As the National Manager, Veteran’s Para Support, I am truly honoured to have the opportunity to share in your journey in this way and be able to offer opportunities and support to help you thrive!

Part of the onboarding process for all Paras is a criminal record check which will be paid for and coordinated through the NMVPS. VTN has enlisted the background check services of Triton, an RCMP accredited company, which has the capability to provide its checks with same-day service, with limited encumbrances on you. 

As of February 14th, 2022 it is required of all clinicians and Paras who represent the VTN on any IN-PERSON activity, that they be at least double vaccinated. 

As a fellow Veteran, graduate, Para and member of the VTN family, I thank you for your desire to give back, your trust, and your faith.  I look forward to THRIVING together!

Doug Allen, CD, SEP, MSW
National Manager, Veterans Para Support
Veterans Transition Network

National Para Support Team Onboarding Form

Part A - Viewable to VTN coordinators and clinicians

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Input in the format: 2005
Identify how frequently you have served as a Para in the past.
Identify how frequently you would like to serve as a Para this year.
If none enter N/A.
Please include any qualifications, certifications or skills that you feel are relevant to the Para role
Post Secondary Education(Required)

Part B - Viewable by the NMVPS, and may be discussed with the VTN Executive and Clinical Director.

This is important to help us always improve, always evolve, and to stay focused on our mission to forever serve those who serve.