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Quebec Veterans Foundation contributes $45,000 to serve Veterans struggling with transition

25% of Veterans in Quebec experience difficulties in their transition to civilian life.

MONTREAL, March 07, 2019 — Veterans in Quebec have been provided a chance to heal. The Quebec Veterans Foundation has provided a $45,000 grant to the Veterans Transition Network to support the delivery of the Veterans Transition Program (VTP) in Quebec. The program will provide 100 hours of counselling and skill-development for a group of 6 Quebec Veterans, focused on helping them overcome service-related challenges and transition into meaningful civilian lives.

The transition period from military to civilian life is often the most difficult and critical time for veterans. Faced with difficulties related to their service, isolation from their peers, and adjusting to a relatively unstructured civilian life, many struggle with fitting back into society.

The group-based Veterans Transition Program delivered nationally by the Canadian charity, the Veterans Transition Network, helps veterans to work through past experiences, increase personal resiliency, and reduce barriers that hinder their successful transition into civilian life. Graduates leave the program with a newfound sense of hope and motivation for life on ‘civvy street’.

Programs are facilitated by compassionate and dedicated clinicians with years of specialized experience. VTN Clinician Dr. Michael Dadson explains the program, saying: “The Veterans Transition Program helps veterans transition back into civilian life, chase their dreams, reach their potential and live a life that is as fulfilled and normal as possible.”

UBC researchers track participants after course completion and report improvements to their wellbeing, including a 65 per cent drop in depressive symptoms and a 24 percent increase in self-esteem and life satisfaction.

Quebec Veterans Transition Program graduate, retired Corporal Johanne B. says, “After taking the VTP, I feel less alone. I’m more capable of going to meetings or for groceries anytime, instead of only very early in the morning or very late at night. I continue my daily routine always keeping in mind the group’s energy at the program and what we shared there together. Now I can move forward with my head held high, one step at a time.”

Johanne B., Quebec Veterans Transition Program Graduate 2018.

Quebec Veterans Transition Program graduate, retired Army Radio Operator Mario N. adds, “Suffering is much less painful when it is shared. With the group, I was finally able to free myself from the hold that the Army still had over me… It does not mean to deny my past, I have to learn to live with what I have been and with the symptoms of my post-traumatic stress. I learned simple things during the program that help me get through the difficulties.

The program helped me to understand my suffering. I understand that I have to stop running as I did all my life. I’m now aware of what to do rather than fleeing. It sounds simple, but it’s huge for me… The program changes my life every day.”

Mario N., Quebec Veterans Transition Program Graduate 2017.

Donations like the Quebec Veterans Foundations are important to the VTN because they support veterans who are not covered by government funding and as a result, are often more at risk during their transition.

Since 1998, nearly 1000 men and women have completed the Veterans Transition Program in Canada. The Veterans who participate receive 100 hours of counselling and skill development over the course of the 4-6 week program, getting them back to their families and communities with little time lost from their everyday lives.

All costs of the program, including transportation and accommodation are covered by the VTN. To find out more please contact Marion Turmine at


About the Veterans Transition Network
The Veterans Transition Network is the only Canadian charity delivering mental health services to veterans from coast to coast. Their mission is to make sure no Canadian veteran is left suffering in isolation. The VTN’s programs, designed specifically for veterans, are backed by 20 years of research and have a 95% successful transition rate.

About the Quebec Veterans Foundation
The Quebec Veterans Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports programs to help the 121,000 veterans who reside in Quebec. The activities they support target veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress or other operational stress injuries, homelessness or job-seeking, as well as veterans admitted to long-term care.

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