I still have work to do, but I know what I can do to try to move ahead now.

I would hope this opportunity is offered to more vets. They don’t need to suffer for 30 years and watch their careers, family and life slowly fall apart. No person should have to suffer this in isolation, confusion and silence.

Doug B.

2014 Program Graduate


1sep - 299:00 amsep 29- 4:00 pmMen's Ontario 2017 - FallIntake Available
15sep - 15octsep 159:00 amoct 15Women's Manitoba 2017 - FallIntake Available
18sep - 23octsep 189:00 amoct 23Men's Atlantic Canada 2017 - FallIntake Available
22sep - 20octsep 229:00 amoct 20Women's Quebec 2017 - FallIntake Available
29sep - 5novsep 299:00 amnov 5Men's British Columbia 2017 - FallFull


27oct - 3decoct 279:00 amdec 3Men's Alberta 2017 - FallIntake Available
27oct - 10decoct 279:00 amdec 10Women's British Columbia 2017 - WinterFull


3nov - 3decnov 39:00 amdec 3Men's Manitoba 2017 - WinterIntake Available
3nov - 29nov 39:00 amnov 29Men's Quebec 2017 - WinterIntake Available


2feb - 4marfeb 29:00 ammar 4Women's Ontario 2018 - WinterIntake Available
2feb - 4marfeb 29:00 ammar 4Men's Ontario 2018 - WinterIntake Available
No program in your province?

We’re not delivering programs local to your area yet? No problem – we’ll arrange for your flights out to the program nearest to you.

10-Day Programs

All programs run for 10 days spread over 3 weekends within the dates specified, not the entire two months. This gives participants the time to practice new skills in the real world, as well as take a minimal amount of time off from work.

Attendance is free for our Vets.

All expenses (Psychologists’ fees, room & board, and travel) are covered by the VTN through generous donations from other organizations and the Canadian Public.

If you have a claim with Veterans Affairs, we can also process claims for you to have them cover your fees.

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If you’re not sure you can make the dates on the schedule, contact us anyways. We’ll let you know the next time there’s a program available for you.

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