Sponsoring Partners

These remarkable organizations and individuals covered the costs involved in bringing life-changing results to Veterans Transition Program graduates. Without these major supporters, our programs simply could not run.

The Dominion Civil Service War Veterans Association was established on July 19, 1947, as a non-profit organization for World War II veterans who were part of the Dominion of Canada Civil Service. For almost seventy years, the association was dedicated to serving the needs of Canadian veterans and helping returning soldiers adjust to civilian life. The organization provided crucial support to those who had given so much in service to their country. Through their unwavering dedication to providing support and advocacy for veterans, they helped to shape the landscape of veteran services in Canada.

In late 2015, the remaining board members made the difficult decision to dissolve the association. However, they left a lasting legacy with the Veterans Transition Network by gifting us with $135,000 to continue our work with Canadian veterans. Their donation goes directly to VTN programs helping Canada’s veterans as they transition from military to civilian life.

The Dominion Civil Service War Veterans Association’s contributions to the veteran community in Canada will never be forgotten. We are honoured to continue their legacy and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of Canadian veterans.