A year into Taliban rule, Afghans fear Canada has left them behind

By Stewart Bell, Global News, August 12, 2022 Since the Taliban seized power on Aug. 15, 2021 amid a U.S. military withdrawal, about 17,000 Afghans have arrived in Canada through a resettlement program. But thousands whose work for Canada has put them at risk remain stuck in cities like Kabul, while others are in limbo in neighbouring countries like Pakistan.

Those facing the greatest risk are Afghans who worked for the Canadian Armed Forces or Canadian development programs, according to groups trying to help them.

“Certainly I would say we are aware of thousands that need to come out,” said Oliver Thorne, executive director of the Veterans Transition Network, which has been evacuating Afghans who assisted Canada’s military mission.

The wait has been stressful for Afghans, who don’t know whether to prepare their families to leave or to accept life under the Taliban, he said.

“Those people are living in such a high degree of uncertainty.”

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