For some, the battle continues at home. 
That’s why our mission is to make sure no Canadian Veteran is left suffering in isolation. 

The VTN is the only Canadian charity delivering mental health services to Veterans from coast to coast.

What do our troops struggle with when they return?

Our Veterans Transition Programs have a 98% completion rate, one of the highest in the world.

Designed in 1998 by a team of doctors, our program is backed by 20 years of research.

What Some of Our Grads Say

W.O. (Ret’d) Brian McKenna

“The boundaries and safeguards on the program allowed me to give everything: drop all barriers and just go. There’s no other program like it that I know of.”

– W.O. (Ret’d) Brian McKenna

Insp. Tony Zanatta

“I think this program is powerful enough to save lives and make those lives worth living. It took away the pain that I was fighting all the time.”

– Insp. Tony Zanatta

You can change the lives of Canadian Veterans.

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For every dollar raised, 84.8% is spent directly on Veterans. We proudly adhere to internationally recognized standards of financial responsibility and transparency.